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5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Fraud

Protect Your Company & Your Bottom Line Although most organizations run background checks and check references during the hiring process, there are still folks who get hired who may have ulterior motives. Once hired, they are working towards the goal of committing fraud, hacking your company’s confidential information or stealing your corporate ID. Here are…
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Mobile Shredding is the Preferred Method for South Florida Businesses

Top Reasons Companies Choose It Businesses all over the world understand the importance of shredding documents to protect their confidential information. And while in years past many had inhouse shredding machines, the most popular method of shredding has become onsite mobile shredding provided by professional shredding and destruction providers. Here’s why: 1. Professional Shredded Documents…
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Are You Witnessing Your Document Shredding?

How Your Business Will Benefit If You Do Depending on what business you’re in, it’s highly likely that you are required to be in compliance with local, state and federal mandates as well as privacy laws. And, if this is the case, you should consider partnering with a shredding company that performs every shred onsite,…
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Tax Season 2023: What You Need to Know

Tips on What Docs to Save & What to Shred Tax season is almost here and with it comes the task of determining which documents you need to keep and which ones can be safely shredded. With so many different forms and documents, it can be difficult to know what to keep and what to…
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Records Retention Schedules

A Guide To Creating A Successful Schedule Today, businesses in every industry are moving towards storing their company records digitally. WIth this migration comes the process of creating a records retention schedule that allows you to keep certain paperwork and files that are deemed necessary for a time period that may also be required by…
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Looking for a Data Destruction Provider?

Here’s What You Need to Know Every company, no matter how big or small, and no matter what industry you are in, needs to prioritize the security of their data. Ensuring that your confidential data is protected is key to safeguarding your business from breaches, corporate ID theft and financial losses. When choosing a data…
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Migrating Your Company Data to the Cloud?

Here’s How to Protect Your Data During the Process As more and more companies begin to use the cloud to store their data, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to protect your confidential business data as well as your client’s and vendor’s information when implementing the migration. Take a look: 1. Assess & Categorize…
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Why You Should Destroy Your Old Cell Phone

To Protect Your Identity Today, our lives are stored on our cell phones. From banking and credit card information to social media accounts, emails and other personal information, our phones and other mobile devices hold so much information that can pose a risk for ID theft if compromised. When upgrading to a new device, it’s…
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Holiday Scams 2022

4 Tips to Prevent Fraud & ID Theft The holidays season is here and with it comes the need to protect yourself and your family from the latest scams and ID theft. According to experts, more than 75% of Americans were victims of a holiday scam last year. Here are the top five ways to…
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Regular Shredding Schedules

Why Consistency Matters The importance of protecting your ID, whether as an individual or for your business, is as important and pressing as it ever was. ID theft continues to grow in the United States and around the globe. Shredding documents and devices that contain personal and confidential information is the top way to protect…
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