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X-Rays & MRIs: Shredding & recycling

Why, how & when they need to be destroyed When most folks hear the term HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), thoughts immediately go to medical records, but did you know that patient x-rays and MRIs are also protected under that act? The fact is, these records, although seemingly inconsequential, contain personal information and…
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NAID AAA Certification

What does it mean & why is it important to you If you’re looking for a shredding and destruction provider for your business, it’s likely you’re seeking an organization that can provide you with personalized service, affordable rates and agreements that are easy to understand and suit your company’s unique needs. But there’s one other…
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Regular Shredding Programs

Why every business needs them Whatever business you’re in, it’s likely that you spend much, if not most of your time on a daily basis dealing with customers, filling orders or in production, managing staff and overall operations. Which means that there’s little time for ensuring that documents and paperwork are properly stored and destroyed…
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Can weak passwords really put you at risk?

Here’s what you need to know Passwords are a pain—we can all relate to how annoying it is when you can’t remember your password or you’re prompted to change your password on a regular basis. As annoying as the whole password business is, the fact remains that using passwords is a required part of all…
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Hurricane Season Preparation

Keeping important documents safe June is here and with it—Hurricane Season. For all of us in Florida, that means it’s time to get prepared, including stocking up on supplies and doing what’s necessary to keep our families, our homes and our valuables safe. While preparing, it’s important to give consideration to the many documents that…
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Could your personal documents end up as confetti?

The day police records dropped from the sky Ever wonder where all that confetti comes from during the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City? According to Macy’s, the more than two tons of paper bits that’s released into the crowds is made from manufactured, multi-colored paper. But during the famous Thanksgiving day event in…
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Onsite Shredding vs. Offsite

Which one is right for you? Safeguarding your company’s confidential data is crucial to your business—and shredding documents is a key component to this security. Working with a professional and certified shredding provider ensures that you’re permanently destroying those documents that are no longer needed, but could pose a risk to your organization and clients…
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The Facebook Breach

How does it affect you? It seems like every week there’s news about another major data breach, corporations and organizations around the country and the world, discovering that they’ve been hacked. If you’re one of the 1.4 billion people who are active on Facebook, it’s likely that you may be a victim of the latest…
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Spring cleaning: Purging while preventing ID theft

Tips to protect yourself Spring is here! And with the colorful flowers and balmy breezes, many people feel the urge to clean out closets and drawers and purge old papers that are collecting dust in their home and offices. Spring cleaning gives everyone a great sense of relief and renewal, especially de-cluttering spaces that have…
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Corporate Identity Theft: Are you at risk?

What you need to know to protect your business When it comes to identity theft, most consumers know the risks of mismanaging their personal information—but did you know that your business faces the same dangers with possibly even greater consequences? And although you’ve likely put security measures into place to safeguard your clients’ confidential information,…
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