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Disposing of Old Police & Security Guard Uniforms

Proper Destruction & Why they can’t go to landfills Imagine what could happen if old police and security guard uniforms fell into the wrong hands. Today, many unscrupulous folks attempt to impersonate police officers, firefighters and other authority figures to gain entrance into people’s homes or workplaces and to commit a variety of crimes. For…
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What is the clean desk policy?

And how can it protect my company from ID theft? Companies today are getting more and more proactive in the fight against ID theft. The clean desk policy is one step that many organizations are implementing to ramp up security efforts—and the benefits are more than just a cleaner, less-cluttered work space. Take a look:…
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Are you handling confidential information correctly?

5 Mistakes your company could be making No matter what business you’re in, your company has access to and stores confidential information, whether your business’s data or your client’s. It’s this information that is always at risk—especially in today’s high-tech universe where cyber crimes continue to rise and hackers are on the hunt for anything…
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Should I Donate my Company’s Old Office Equipment?

Can giving them away put me at risk? Clearing out old office equipment can be a freeing experience. It feels great to move out the old and bring in the new. Everyone loves a new scanner, printer, copier and computer equipment. But the question is, what should you do with the old stuff? If you’re…
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How to Select the Right Shredding Partner for your Business

Top questions you should ask when choosing a shredding company Every business strives to protect themselves against data and ID theft. And no matter how much paperwork your company produces, it’s a challenge to ensure records are being properly retained and destroyed. Choosing a shredding partner is an important step for most businesses and one…
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Three ways secure shredding protects your business

Key considerations to safeguard your organization Although many businesses are making the move to paperless, most still collect and store paperwork that contains sensitive information. From payroll and personnel records to client lists, credit card and bank information—it’s these types of data that ID thieves are on the hunt for and that can pose a…
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Shred-It Sticks it to Customers

Fees imposed to cover lost profits The largest shredding company in the world, Shred-It has imposed higher fees to their customers in an attempt to cover their losses. Shredding companies around the world have felt the impact of declining paper prices—a factor that contributes greatly to their profit and loss margin. Like other commodities, the…
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Are you a victim the Capital One Breach?

Here’s what you need to know Considered to be one of the largest data breaches in history, the Capital One hack has exposed more than 100 million Americans and six million people in Canada. According to reports, the breach resulted in the hacker gaining access to the personal information of Capital One consumers, applicants and…
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What is a Social Engineering attack?

How NOT to become a victim Today, there are all kinds of scams and fraudulent activities that hackers use to gain your personal information and steal your identity. Social Engineering is a method thieves use to manipulate people and trick them into giving out their confidential data like passwords, account numbers and more. This type…
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The Quest Diagnostics Breach

What you need to know Another massive breach of personal data has occurred and this time it was Quest Diagnostics, the lab testing company that serves millions of patients across the country. The breach is said to have affected nearly 12 million people and was the result of a hack into a third-party billing company…
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