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Does your personality make you more vulnerable to fraud?

Certain behaviors increase your risk According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than $480 million was lost to imposter scams in 2018. And that number doesn’t look like it’s decreasing this year. While anyone can fall victim to fraud, the experts say there are certain personality traits that make folks more vulnerable. These characteristics might…

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Protecting yourself from scammers

Graphic reading Scam Alert over a mobile phone icon

Top 8 tips from the experts Everyone’s personal information is out there—living in cyberspace, moving around the web and existing is databases from companies we engage with to doctor’s offices and many more. And even though we’re told our information is safe, the reality is there could be a breach at any time. An outside…

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Do voice-activated devices pose a security risk?

Voice-Activated Devices

Smart speakers may be smarter than you think Voice-activated assistants and other similar devices are all the rage these days, allowing people to easily access their favorite music, look up the weather or the best restaurant close by and a provide a whole bunch of other really cool services. And while it’s convenient to ask…

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Does your business have a document retention schedule?

Pile of documents representing retention schedules

Here’s why it should Businesses are often faced with the task of record retention. Whether you’re in the healthcare field, hospitality or any other kind of business, deciding how long to keep certain records is key to maintaining data safely and securely. And although there are mandates for many types of organizations, companies around the…

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Destroying hard drives benefits your business

And why you can’t afford not to. Many businesses have that one room in their facility where only IT goes—the room where old hard drives, back up drives, ancient fax machines, and other similar items are stored away. No one uses these devices, but they’re kept there, under lock and key for no other reason…

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Online Social Security Accounts

Do they increase your risk of ID theft? Years ago, most United States workers received annual social security statements in the mail. But once those statements stopped and the social security administration began engaging online, the opportunity to check your personal account became much more convenient. It’s estimated that more than 34 million people now…

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2018 Tax Scams

Tax Scam Sign on Keyboard

Two main scams to watch out for Tax season is in full swing and with it, the possibility of becoming a victim of tax scams. Because as most people are busy preparing their taxes, cybercriminals and identity thieves are at the ready to steal identities and tax refunds from unsuspecting filers. This season, there are…

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Do government shutdowns increase your risk of ID theft?

Yes—and here’s why. The United States just experienced the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history, but the prospect of another closure is still looming. In addition to the many effects of this event, including reduced FDA inspections and loss of wages for hundreds of thousands of workers, there is also the fact that identity…

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The Data You’re Giving Away

How scammers get your information Have you ever wondered how solicitors get your personal information? Think about the abundance of fake emails, unsolicited phone calls, junk mail and other items that you receive that have your name, address, email, and other personal information. The fact is, while these unscrupulous folks are experts at stealing people’s…

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Happy New Year!

Here’s an easy-to-keep resolution We all know how hard it is to keep those New Year’s resolutions; you know, the ones where we promise ourselves we’re going to eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, save money, the list goes on and on. But here’s a resolution that is not only easy to keep but…

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