Scheduled Shredding Services

An office with just a few employees can generate more than 100 pounds of paper every month. The safest, most economical and convenient way to handle the secure destruction and disposal of these documents is to contract for regular, scheduled service with an on-site shredding vendor.

The Safest Policy To Protect You

Close up on calendar on desk with bokeh and sun light as a backgroundThe best policy to ensure your organization is compliant with all laws and regulations and to keep you and your customers safe, is to adopt a “shred everything, all the time, in the same manner” policy. Never let some records go in the trash while others are shredded. Treating all documents the same and shredding everything protects you and your organization.

Using a regularly scheduled shredding vendor further assures your security by:

  • Eliminating employee discretion in deciding if a document is confidential
  • Eliminating tendency to allow documents to pile up at office shredder
  • Establishing a reliable & consistent process
  • Establishing verifiable process & record of compliance in case of audit or breach

Sporadic shredding can be misconstrued as suspicious. Additionally, using your shredding vendor for all your shredding establishes a process that shows your ongoing compliance and provides you with a process that can be verified.

We Supply Containers at No Cost

All Points Mobile Shredding will simply drop off locked containers at your office at no cost. Once the containers are filled, our professionals will take your containers directly from your office to our on-site mobile shredding truck where the paper is weighed and the contents are shredded at your location. Since our trucks use industrial strength shredders, your documents are shredded in a matter of minutes. At the conclusion of your on-site shredding, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction verifying your corporate due diligence.

If you are interested in a mobile shredding quote for scheduled service or more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the contact us form.

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All Points Mobile Shredding is NAID AAA Certified.

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