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Room full of medical files on shelvesMost healthcare and medical professionals understand that it is critical to properly dispose of medical records to protect patients’ privacy. Healthcare practitioners are entrusted with the most sensitive and confidential information, which must be handled with care and responsibility. When medical records are being discarded, it is imperative that the destruction process also be managed with the highest level of care and professionalism.

Recently, HIPAA has significantly increased its data protection requirements and liabilities for health-related organizations. All Points Mobile Shredding is committed to your security and helping you stay compliant with all laws and regulations.

Data Breach Notification

Any breach, such as improperly discarded documents or computers, must now be reported to the authorities and to patients when the breach involves over 500 records. These breaches seem to somehow find their way to media outlets as well. Failure to report violations of confidentiality is now a crime.

Increased Enforcement

State Attorneys General are now responsible to enforce HIPAA’s data security provisions. The new law provides an incentive for enforcement by allowing the state’s Attorney General to retain revenue from the fines they impose.

Increased Fines

Fine limits have increased 6,000 percent! Fines went from $25,000 to $1,500,000 per incident as a result of the HIPAA amendment.

Recently, two healthcare organizations agreed to a $4.8 million settlement for charges that they potentially violated HIPAA by failing to secure thousands of patients protected health information files. The joint settlement of $4.8 million is the largest HIPAA settlement to date.

Vendor Contract Requirements

The new HIPAA amendment requires a Business Associate agreement be entered into with data-related service providers. Agreements in place before the amendment must be modified to include the new requirements. The amendment also makes vendors as responsible as their customer for having the agreement in place.

All Points Mobile Shredding will provide you with an updated Business Associate Agreement drafted by a top privacy attorney.

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