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Your organization must comply with laws and regulations requiring that it protect certain information when it is discarded. Federal laws such as HIPAA, FACTA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley require specific safeguards to meet compliance.

All Points Mobile Shredding can assist you and your organization in drafting policies and procedures that deal with confidential information and address breach prevention and procedures in the event of a breach.

These are important components of protecting your employees, customers, and your organization. All Points Mobile Shredding will recommend you take various actions, including:

  • Create an environment of data protection awareness
  • Appoint a compliance officer for your organization
  • Consider adopting a shred everything, all the time, in the same manner policy
  • Consider data stored on all pieces of technology
  • Implement employee training
  • Develop protocol in the event of a breach

Implement a Shred-All Policy

Consider implementing a Shred-All policy, which entails shredding everything, all the time, in the same manner. This type of policy almost entirely eliminates the chance for a potentially devastating security breach. Employees no longer have to determine whether a particular document contains confidential information or not. All employees have to know is whether the document should be retained for records or whether its usefulness has expired and it should be placed in the secure shredding container.

Implementing a Shred-All policy is simple and only requires a few key steps:

  • Make sure there are shred bins placed at convenient locations throughout the office. Have clear instructions posted as to who to contact if bins are full and need to be serviced ahead of schedule.
  • Make sure that all employees understand the importance of securely destroying documents. Make employees aware that there are laws, regulations, and company policies that can all be satisfied with a “Shred-All” policy. Train employees never to second guess what a document contains or risk disposing of a confidential document in the trash or recycling bin by mistake.
  • Make sure clear guidelines are posted to inform employees what types of materials can be placed in a shred container and what cannot. Batteries, DVDs, and CDs are materials that cannot be placed into a shredding container.

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