Shredding Collection Containers

Many offices rely on their employees' use of office shredders to destroy their confidential documents. However, employees are more productive when they can focus on their main responsibilities rather than having to stand over an office shredder. Office shredders are usually slow and inefficient. And, office shredders allow the employee to have the discretion whether to take the time to manually feed the document through the shredder or merely to toss it in the trash. This discretion can result in costly data breaches for employers.

Using an outside shredding vendor is a better option because it:

  • Encourages employee compliance
  • Provides more security
  • Establishes a process in case of a breach or audit
  • Costs less than shredding documents in-house
  • Can handle large volume of documents
A close up of All Points Mobile Shredding Collection Console in an office

The Mini-Executive Console (smallest unit shown in photo) is 24”H x 19”W x 17”D. It holds 65 pounds of paper. It is a light gray container that blends in very well with office furniture. It fits under most desks.

To order our Mini-Executive Console, please contact us at 800-696-8483.

Executive Console

The Executive Console fits very well in an office environment. It looks like a piece of office furniture. Many businesses place their printer on top. It is 35″H x 19″W x 17″D. It holds 90 pounds of paper.

To order our Executive Console, please contact us at 800-696-8483.

65-Gallon Container

The 65-Gallon Container is 42-3/8”H x 25-1/8”W x 29-1/2”D. It holds 230 pounds of paper. This container is good for areas of high volume.

To order our 65-Gallon Container, please contact us at 800-696-8483.

Nylon Bag

The Mini Executive & Executive consoles have a nylon bag inside each console. When our shred technicians come on-site, they empty the confidential information inside each bag into a secure, locked container. The secure, locked container is then wheeled out to the shredding truck where the contents are destroyed on-site. The nylon bag is replaced inside the Mini Executive or Executive console and the console is locked.


Security keys for your consoles will be provided for personnel upon request.

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