Identity Theft Prevention Training

ID card, credit cards, and Social Security card in hand of thief typing on keyboardIdentity theft has become a real threat to individuals and companies. It continues to be the fastest growing form of consumer fraud in the United States. All Points Mobile Shredding provides identity theft prevention training for your business, corporate-sponsored events, and the community.

A National Crisis

Identity theft and data protection threats are rising to the level of a national crisis. Based on the findings of a recent study, the number of records stolen this year is up by 233 percent from just a year ago.

Crime Against Individuals

Identity theft takes on many forms. It affects victims more than just with financial loss. In some cases, identity theft victims have lost out on job opportunities or the approval of loans for cars, education or housing. In rare cases, they have even been arrested for crimes they did not commit.

Medical Identity Theft

Victims of medical identity theft are at risk of having another person’s medical information in their file. This can result in receiving an incorrect diagnosis, receiving wrong prescriptions, or having to undergo unnecessary tests.

Businesses Are Now Targets

Identity thieves are no longer just after customer data. Identity theft criminals are now obtaining information about companies and assuming their business identities in order to steal company assets, client lists and credit information. They are also using this stolen information to secure new business relationships and payments. Organizations both large and small are vulnerable to breaches in data security and risk financial and reputation damage resulting from business identity theft.

All Points Mobile Shredding ID Theft Prevention Training

All Points Mobile Shredding offers training sessions to help educate your business and the community about identity theft and what can be done to prevent it. We offer this training to our clients and for corporate-sponsored events. The focus of this training is to reduce the spread of this crime in our area and to know how to deal with it if you are a victim. The training includes handouts developed by the Federal Trade Commission in conjunction with the Department of Justice. Participants in our training sessions gain:

  • An understanding of how the crime occurs to help prevent threats
  • Insight on ways identity thieves use the evolving technological landscape and other methods to perpetrate the crime
  • Techniques for spotting red flags and practical tips to avoid falling prey to them
  • The tools and knowledge to educate others about identity theft prevention

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