Why Shred?

Concept of shredding confidential information to protect identity theft

Proper document destruction is a very important component of doing business. Federal and state laws require organizations to properly dispose of their data. Businesses are concerned with keeping trade information private and keeping sensitive information protected.

Many consumers are also concerned about identity theft. The consequences of improperly disposing of confidential information could cost your organization a lot of money, time, and embarrassment.

Identity theft has become a major problem worldwide, with identity thieves stealing the information required to assume an individual or company’s identity. All Points Mobile Shredding can help you prevent data breaches and identity theft, as well as stay compliant with applicable laws.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • Prevention is the best protection. Rather than just dealing with identity theft as it occurs, develop preventative approaches that are comprehensive and long-term. Eliminate security risks by educating your employees and carefully monitoring and restricting access to information.
  • Develop internal policies, procedures, and protocols that mandate secure document disposal practices.
  • Shred everything on a regular basis. By implementing a “Shred-All” policy, you avoid the risks of human error or poor judgment regarding what needs to be shredded.
  • Create a culture of security by educating and training employees on information security best practices.
  • Shred using a professional NAID AAA Certified service. This is the only way to be sure there are no security loopholes anywhere in the process.
  • Ensure your electronic data is protected by securely and safely destroying your hard drives and other electronic media.

All Points Mobile Shredding works with our customers to develop an up-to-date, secure data security program designed to meet your specific business needs. This shredding program keeps your organization compliant, offers protection from identity theft, and guarantees an unbroken chain of custody. All Points Mobile Shredding is dedicated to protecting your reputation and your information, and to meeting your business needs.

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