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Security Risks in Hybrid Work Environments

Top Ways To Protect Your Company’s Confidential Data In the last few years more and more businesses have adopted a hybrid work environment. This can look different for each company, but in essence hybrid arrangements are a combination of in-office and remote work–allowing staff to work remotely a few days a week and in the…
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Ready to Retire?

How To Securely Clean Out Your Office Congratulations on reaching the well-deserved milestone of retirement! As you embark on this new chapter, it’s crucial to ensure a seamless transition by securely cleaning out your office documents. Identity theft continues to grow and safeguarding your sensitive information is key to protecting yourself. Here’s a look at…
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How Should Your Business Handle A Product Recall?

Steps to Take to Protect Your Company Product recalls can happen for a variety of reasons–whether it’s a manufacturer defect, mislabeled or incorrect packaging, contamination, quality issues, etc. But when it happens, your business could suffer, not just financially, it can also be a blow to your reputation and credibility in the market. And while…
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Why Old X-Rays Should be Shredded

Secure Shredding of Medical & Dental X-Rays Physicians, dentists and veterinarians often amass a large amount of X-rays throughout their years of practice. While the laws vary from state-to-state as far as retention, federal laws require medical practitioners to keep X-rays for seven years before discarding. Just like other medical records, X-rays are protected health…
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Secure Shredding for Accounting Firms

Are You Properly Protecting Your Clients? All businesses face consequences if they do not follow compliance laws when it comes to protecting their client’s personal information. CPA firms and similar companies are no exception. In fact, accountants and accounting firms stand to lose more than their reputation if they are not compliant and a breach…
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Top Reasons For Shredding Your Sensitive Documents

Besides ID Theft – What Are the Dangers of Not Shredding? For companies and individuals alike, the dangers of data loss and ID theft continue to grow. While most of us think about ID theft when it comes to shredding confidential personal and business documents, there are other key reasons to shred that you may…
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Senior Citizens & ID Theft

How You Can Protect Your Senior ID theft is a growing and continual threat and senior citizens are often the target. For those in their golden years, the ramifications for ID theft can be particularly devastating, often resulting in the loss of all their savings. Elder fraud, according to the FBI, is responsible for more…
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Protect Your Business & The Planet

How Mobile Shredding Helps the Environment Although many businesses strive to go paperless and reduce their paper use, the reality is that companies of all sizes and in every industry still use lots of paper. Whether it’s documents with client and vendor information, billing and invoicing or packing materials and information management, it can be…
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Protecting Your ID During A Hurricane

Include These Steps in Your Storm Prep As a Floridian, it’s likely you have a Hurricane preparation plan ready to go in the event a storm is threatening the area you live in. Each year, between June and November, all of us in Florida have to be ready to put storm prep into motion at…
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Avoid These Mistakes When Disposing of Old Hard Drives

Protect Your Company’s Confidential Data Across the world, companies of all sizes and in all industries depend on technology to run their business. And with that comes the need to continually stay up-to-date with the latest software and hard drives to store data, records and sensitive information. When the time comes to upgrade, it’s crucial…
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