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The Data You’re Giving Away

How scammers get your information Have you ever wondered how solicitors get your personal information? Think about the abundance of fake emails, unsolicited phone calls, junk mail and other items that you receive that have your name, address, email, and other personal information. The fact is, while these unscrupulous folks are experts at stealing people’s…

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Happy New Year!

Here’s an easy-to-keep resolution We all know how hard it is to keep those New Year’s resolutions; you know, the ones where we promise ourselves we’re going to eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, save money, the list goes on and on. But here’s a resolution that is not only easy to keep but…

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Tis the Season for scams?

Holiday Scams Warning Sign

The most common holiday schemes Tis the season! And now that all the shopping, cheer and festivities are well underway, it’s a good time to make yourself aware of some of the most common schemes that are taking place throughout the country. Because although this is the time of year to spread kindness and joy,…

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Shopping on Black Friday?

How NOT to become a victim It’s a frenzy—traffic, irresistible sales, crowded stores, long lines and loads of money exchanging hands. If you’re one of the many thousands of people who brave the Black Friday frenzy—you should know that there’s more at stake than saving on holiday gifts. For pickpocketers and ID thieves, it’s an…

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Was your child’s social security number stolen?

How to find out & what to do next This statistic might shock you: it’s estimated that 3.5 million children have had their social security numbers stolen, according to the Federal Trade Commission. What may also shock you is that many of these crimes are against babies—moments after they’re born and their parent applies for…

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Is Big Brother really watching us?

How the government, companies and others track you We’ve all heard of the Big Brother concept—that everything we do is being tracked, or watched by either the government, by companies looking to sell us stuff or by others who want to get a hold of our personal information. And while it may seem outlandish, the…

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The Largest Breach in Facebook History

Are you among the 50 million? On Friday, September 28, Facebook announced their second privacy breach in less than a year, exposing the personal information of approximately 50 million users. If you’re one of the one billion people who actively engage on the social media site, this is news you need to know. When did…

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The Dark Web

What is it & how to protect yourself If you’ve ever heard the term dark web and scoffed thinking it wasn’t a real entity, you’re not alone. To most folks, the dark web sounds like a made-up place that only exists in spy movies or TV shows–but the fact is, it is very real and…

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PII—What is it and why it’s important

Information every individual & business needs to know PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is an acronym that everyone needs to know and be aware of. Because it’s PII that leads crooks to the information they need to steal your identity or the identity of your customers. And once a thief has obtained someone’s PII, they have…

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Moving this summer?

Boxes ready for moving. Packing supplies

Make it easier by doing this Everyone loves a new home, but no one enjoys the process! Especially packing up everything you own into boxes and having to load and unload, then unpack it all. But when it comes to many of your household papers, personal documents, and records, there’s one step you can take…

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