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Why Old X-Rays Should be Shredded

Secure Shredding of Medical & Dental X-Rays

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Physicians, dentists and veterinarians often amass a large amount of X-rays throughout their years of practice. While the laws vary from state-to-state as far as retention, federal laws require medical practitioners to keep X-rays for seven years before discarding. Just like other medical records, X-rays are protected health information and therefore, retention and destruction is regulated by state and federal privacy laws. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) lays out clear guidelines for all medical records, including X-rays
and MRI films.

X-Rays Should Not Be Thrown in the Trash

While it may seem harmless to simply toss old X-rays and MRI films into the trash, doing so can cause risks to the environment, wildlife and the community.

X-rays and MRI films contain toxic chemicals, including silver halide crystals, silver bromide and silver iodide. These chemicals can leach into water streams and soils and exposure to them can also cause damage to the eyes, skin and lungs.

X-rays Should Not Be Recycled

Because they contain protected health information, X-rays and MRI films should never be recycled into recycling bins. A shredding and destruction provider can properly destroy or recycle X-rays while protecting patient’s privacy and eliminating risks to the environment.

Remain Compliant with Safe X-Ray Destruction

Whether a physician’s office, radiology practice, dentist, veterinarian or other healthcare professional, it’s crucial to understand and abide by the regulations of X-ray storage, retention and destruction. Failure to follow compliance laws can lead to violations and hefty fines.

All Points Mobile Shredding provides shredding and destruction of X-rays and MRI films. We are a full service shredding and destruction company located in Stuart, Florida and serving business and residential customers throughout the state. We provide onsite shredding and destruction services so you can witness the entire process, giving you the peace of mind that your items have been permanently destroyed. Give us a call today or fill out this form to get a quick quote.

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