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The Threat of Dumpster Divers

What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself & Your Business It may be hard to imagine that in today’s high-tech digital universe, when hackers can access your personal information with the click of a keyboard or a simple swipe, there are still thieves out there who are willing to rummage through your garbage to…
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Holiday Travel: How Not to become a victim of identity theft!

6 ways to protect yourself This time of year is one of the busiest for traveling, with folks visiting family for the holidays or enjoying a winter vacation. It’s also a popular time for thieves to prey on unsuspecting travelers who are far away from home. Before you head off on your holiday adventure, be…
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Top reasons you need to shred your old devices

Why proper disposal is key when you upgrade Everyone loves their devices—from smartphones to tablets to laptops, we use them to shop, do our banking, communicate with clients, family, friends, store personal photos, notes and much more. And it’s because we use devices to manage so many aspects of our lives, both personal and professional,…
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Protecting your identity during the holidays

4 Steps to take to safeguard your personal information The holiday season is the happiest time of the year, but it’s also often the busiest time! Between purchasing gifts for friends and family to traveling and attending and hosting gatherings, it’s hard to focus on guarding your personal and financial information information. This distraction is…
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Top Ways Document Shredding Services Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Using a shredding service will save your company time & money Many organizations spend a lot of time managing their own document destruction under the assumption that by doing it themselves they’ll save a lot of money. But the fact is, doing things in-house can end up costing more, increase your risk of errors and…
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Phishing scams: Knowledge is power!

What you need to know to protect yourself Everyone’s heard of phishing scams and most of us consider ourselves savvy enough to know how to avoid them—but the fact is, cybercriminals continue to come up with new techniques every day. And, if they weren’t succeeding in stealing identities, valuable personal information and money, they wouldn’t…
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The Equifax Data Breach

What to know and what to do It’s being called “the worst data breach in the history of the modern era” by experts. And with good reason. If you’re an adult living in the United States, it’s highly likely you’re one of the 143 million people whose personal information was leaked during the massive data…
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Hurricane Damaged Documents?

How to destroy them securely Everyone across the state of Florida and throughout many other areas in the United States has been affected by Hurricanes, floods and other extreme weather events. When severe weather hits, many home and business owners find themselves dealing with invasive floods, leaving their property and important documents soaked—often times beyond…
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Protecting your identity while engaging online

How not to fall victim Everyone knows not to post sensitive personal information on their favorite social media sites, right? But while not giving out your social security or driver’s license number is a no-brainer, most folks are perfectly comfortable with sharing other facts about themselves, their family and their life. Of the more than…
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Just say no to recycling?

Why every business need to beware. Even in our digital universe, many businesses produce a large amount of paper waste. And while recycling may seem like the ideal solution to disposing of it all—the fact is there are many implications to implementing a recycling program that could pose risks to your company. Read on to…
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