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Why Companies Should Shred Immediately When Employees Return to Work

An Important Way to Protect Your Corporate Identity

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, Americans across the country, in every industry, have been working from home for approximately two months. As states across the nation begin reopening phases, many employees will be returning to their offices and with that in mind, it’s important for company owners and managers to consider an important step in protecting their company’s confidential and sensitive documents. Take a look:

Shred Documents Used by Employees Working from Home

Employees that have spent the last two months working from their homes have had to create new strategies and methods for storing documents that contain sensitive company information—information like client addresses, credit card numbers and other related data. Now, the question arises, were the documents safely stored and what happens to them when the team member returns to the office? A key way to ensure that your company data is not compromised is to shred all documents that are no longer needed once your company reopens.

Prevent Errors and Accidental Recycling of Confidential Documents

One of the top causes of data breaches continues to be human error. Employees accidentally recycle or throw documents that contain private information into the regular trash. Partnering with a shredding company who will come to your office or your home will protect your business from these types of errors. Shredding documents upon reopening your business can help clear out the clutter while safeguarding against any mistakes. Before you do this, you must establish best practices for staff to bring in the documents that they have been storing throughout the quarantine. Of course, it’s imperative that each member of your staff knows the policy and procedures for document storage and disposal, so continuous training is also key.

Review Document Storage Protocols

Once you’ve reopened your business and your employees have returned to the office, it’s recommended that you host a training for all staff members as a refresher for storage, retention and disposal of documents. Paperwork that contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should be of specific concern and never be stored in easily accessible areas of the office. After you’ve performed a purge, it’s crucial to ensure everyone working on your premises and off-site, understands the importance of protecting private information.

All Points Mobile Shredding provides shredding and destruction to businesses and residents throughout South Florida. We can provide regular shredding schedules or one-time purges to help protect your company against data breaches and corporate ID theft. Fill out this form or give us a call today to set up your shred.

Dawn Connelly

Dawn is the vice president of All Points Mobile Shredding. All Points Mobile Shredding is a family-owned and operated on-site document destruction company that has been serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, and surrounding areas since 1994.

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