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What Is NAID AAA Shredding and What Does It Mean for Businesses?

How This Certification Impacts Secure Mobile Shredding Businesses across the country and around the world are continually faced with the task of protecting their data. Whether it’s confidential company information, client records, vendor data or private personnel information, it’s the company’s responsibility to ensure they are properly safeguarding their sensitive information. Secure mobile shredding is…
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Preventing Brand Emergencies

How Product Destruction Can Protect Your Business Businesses all over the country are often faced with the decision of what to do with superfluous merchandise, outdated company apparel or defective/damaged items. While many organizations strive to donate or recycle certain items, the reality is that this practice could put the business in danger of damaging…
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Protecting Guest Privacy: Protocols Hotels and Resorts Must Follow

Today’s businesses are tasked with the responsibility of protecting their customer’s confidential information. Hotels and resorts, just like every other industry, must safeguard their guests’ privacy. From reservation details to credit card information, hotels collect sensitive data that if not protected, could cause significant damage to the guest as well as to the hotel’s reputation…
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Top Reasons to Switch Your Office Shredder to Professional Shredding Services

Why Conventional Shredders Just Aren’t Cutting It Businesses today are continually faced with new dangers when it comes to information security. Cases of data breaches and corporate ID theft continue to rise and ensuring the security of your company’s confidential data is paramount. Many companies rely on traditional office shredders to dispose of documents they…
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Address Labels and Identity Theft

Why Shredding is Crucial to Protecting Yourself When it comes to identity theft, most of us have learned how to take certain steps to protect ourselves including watching our credit reports, keeping sensitive documents in a safe place, shredding paperwork we no longer need and not sharing our information with unfamiliar sources. Address labels are…
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Credit Card Fraud & ID Theft: What You Need To Know

How to Safeguard Your Finances Today, digital transactions dominate our lives in practically everything we do. Shopping, dining, paying bills, banking and more. Because of this, credit card fraud and ID theft continue to grow and have become some of the most prevalent crimes in the United States and around the world. Understanding the differences…
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What is Mobile Product Destruction?

How Can It Benefit Your Business? Mobile product destruction has become a key solution for businesses looking to protect their company brand, reputation and from the ramifications that can result from non-compliance of waste disposal. Product destruction is the permanent destruction of expired, defective and damaged products to keep them out of the marketplace or…
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Paper Medical Records: Secure Shredding Guidelines

Best Practices To Ensure Compliance & Security In the healthcare industry, many organizations are still making the transition from paper to digital files. With that, the need to understand and follow best practices when it comes to collecting, storing and disposing of paper records is crucial to ensure your facility is within compliance with state…
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Business Document Security

How To Keep Sensitive Documents Safe Before Shredding In today’s digital world, there are still many documents and files that companies keep onsite.  Keeping them safe before shredding is a crucial step for all businesses. Protecting your company’s confidential records ensures that you are doing all you can to safeguard against corporate identity theft and…
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Kick Off The New Year with Purge Shredding

Top Benefits of Purge Shredding for Businesses As we kick off 2024, we’re all looking for new ways to improve our lives- this includes business owners and managers looking for ways to improve efficiency and data security. Protecting confidential company information is paramount and the New Year is a perfect time for a purge shredding–the…
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