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Shred-It Sticks it to Customers

Fees imposed to cover lost profits The largest shredding company in the world, Shred-It has imposed higher fees to their customers in an attempt to cover their losses. Shredding companies around the world have felt the impact of declining paper prices—a factor that contributes greatly to their profit and loss margin. Like other commodities, the…

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Are you a victim the Capital One Breach?

Here’s what you need to know Considered to be one of the largest data breaches in history, the Capital One hack has exposed more than 100 million Americans and six million people in Canada. According to reports, the breach resulted in the hacker gaining access to the personal information of Capital One consumers, applicants and…

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What is a Social Engineering attack?

How NOT to become a victim Today, there are all kinds of scams and fraudulent activities that hackers use to gain your personal information and steal your identity. Social Engineering is a method thieves use to manipulate people and trick them into giving out their confidential data like passwords, account numbers and more. This type…

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The Quest Diagnostics Breach

What you need to know Another massive breach of personal data has occurred and this time it was Quest Diagnostics, the lab testing company that serves millions of patients across the country. The breach is said to have affected nearly 12 million people and was the result of a hack into a third-party billing company…

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Protecting your personal data

Back it up! The newest technology and devices afford all of us the opportunity to store massive amounts of information on our devices—whether it’s your home or office PC, your tablet or your phone. The more memory your device has, the more stuff you can keep on it. A few years back, everyone was syncing…

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Robocalls—how to stop them

Take these steps Here’s a fact that may surprise you—robocalls are the number one complaint received by the Federal Trade Commission with more than 500,000 complaints per month. Robocalls, which are defined as automated calls with a recorded message, are more than a nuisance, many of them are tactics used by scammers to lure you…

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Does your personality make you more vulnerable to fraud?

Certain behaviors increase your risk According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than $480 million was lost to imposter scams in 2018. And that number doesn’t look like it’s decreasing this year. While anyone can fall victim to fraud, the experts say there are certain personality traits that make folks more vulnerable. These characteristics might…

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Protecting yourself from scammers

Graphic reading Scam Alert over a mobile phone icon

Top 8 tips from the experts Everyone’s personal information is out there—living in cyberspace, moving around the web and existing is databases from companies we engage with to doctor’s offices and many more. And even though we’re told our information is safe, the reality is there could be a breach at any time. An outside…

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Do voice-activated devices pose a security risk?

Voice-Activated Devices

Smart speakers may be smarter than you think Voice-activated assistants and other similar devices are all the rage these days, allowing people to easily access their favorite music, look up the weather or the best restaurant close by and a provide a whole bunch of other really cool services. And while it’s convenient to ask…

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Does your business have a document retention schedule?

Pile of documents representing retention schedules

Here’s why it should Businesses are often faced with the task of record retention. Whether you’re in the healthcare field, hospitality or any other kind of business, deciding how long to keep certain records is key to maintaining data safely and securely. And although there are mandates for many types of organizations, companies around the…

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