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3 Office Items That Store Information

Non-Paper Media Items That Sometimes Go Unnoticed

While most of us know the risks of paper like insurance bills, credit card and bank statements and other similar documents when it comes to the breach of confidential information– there are other, non-paper items that contain and store information that must be considered in your organization’s security plan. Take a look: 

1. Hard Drives

Hard drives store large amounts of information and when they are no longer needed, many companies will delete the files and either donate, recycle or simply throw them away. All of these actions can result in sensitive information being obtained by unscrupulous individuals who only need a tiny bit of information to gain access. All unwanted or outdated hard drives should be shredded just as you would shred old paper documents. This is the only way to ensure that hackers cannot steal confidential company information. 

2. Thumb Drives

Thumb drives are an excellent way to store and transport information for projects, programs and other related company information. They are also a wealth of opportunity for a thief who can use that data to learn things like company budgets, passwords, personnel and/or client names, etc. To keep this and other types of information out of the wrong hands, it’s crucial to not only clear thumb drives of all files, but also to have them shredded along with other company items.

3. Company ID Badges & Uniforms

ID badges and uniforms can pose several risks if simply thrown away after they are no longer needed. When it comes to your company’s uniforms or other apparel, there is the danger of someone obtaining a uniform or other company garment and posing as an employee–which could result in various criminal scenarios. And ID badges are not just used to identify staff members, but also to gain access to company premises–leaving your organization open to a physical breach, in addition to other issues. These items should be permanently destroyed when no longer being used.

When it comes to your company’s security, it’s crucial to be mindful of these non-paper items that can lead to corporate ID theft and data breaches. Shredding is the top way to ensure that they are permanently destroyed, just like all of your company documents and files.

All Points Mobile Shredding offers full service shredding and destruction to businesses throughout South Florida. We shred paper items as well as non-paper items including hard drives, uniforms, products, ID badges and more. Give us a call today or fill out this form to get started.

Dawn Connelly

Dawn is the vice president of All Points Mobile Shredding. All Points Mobile Shredding is a family-owned and operated on-site document destruction company that has been serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, and surrounding areas since 1994.

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