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A deep blue sky and lush, green tropical trees are reflected in the water of a small lake.A master-planned community located in East Fort Myers, Verandah is known for its miles of nature trails, nature preserve areas, parks, wetlands, lakes and golf courses.

Security Experts in Verandah

Businesses and residents throughout Florida have depended on All Points Mobile Shredding since we first opened our doors in 1994. We help protect you from corporate ID theft as well as personal ID theft. Data and ID theft are some of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and around the world. Crimes like this occur when private information is lost or stolen and becomes compromised, whether through human error or malicious intent. We are dedicated to ensuring that your sensitive information is protected by providing secure shredding and destruction services that render your documents, records and files irrevocably destroyed. It’s our goal to provide the highest quality shredding and destruction services and offer a full array of services to Verandah residential and business customers.

Onsite Mobile Shredding is the Top Solution For Your Business

The top solution to protecting your business and personal information is with Onsite mobile shredding. Rather than transporting large amounts of documents from one location to another–which can result in data loss and/or theft, our state-of-the-art shredding trucks come directly to you at your home or office. This allows you the opportunity to witness the entire process, giving you the peace of mind that your confidential information has been protected. We also provide a certificate of destruction with every shred so you can rest assured that your documents and files have been irrevocably destroyed.

We Provide the Following for Verandah Businesses

Files and Documents Are Not The Only Risk

Outdated devices, such as hard drives, tablets, cell phones and others can pose a security threat to you personally and professionally. Additionally, expired, damaged and defective products, as well as company apparel that is no longer needed, can put your business at risk. If merchandise that is poor quality reaches the market and/or your customers, it can hurt your company’s reputation and put you at risk for counterfeiters. Company apparel, including clothing, accessories, name tags and more, can also pose issues for your business if it falls into the wrong hands. We can help protect your brand and your bottom line by providing destruction of merchandise, apparel and more.

We destroy the following items for your business:

The Highest Quality Shredding & Destruction in Verandah

We have earned the trust and respect of commercial and residential customers by providing NAID AAA certified shredding and destruction services across Florida. Our team is dedicated to serving our residential and commercial customers throughout Verandah and provide the highest quality customer service and personalized attention. We can offer a customized shredding and destruction schedule for your business that ensures you are always protected from the risks of fraud, theft and data loss. Give us a call today or fill out the form on this page to get more information.


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All Points Mobile Shredding is NAID AAA Certified.