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The largest island in Florida’s upper keys, the city of Tavernier has a rich history. Serving as a rendezvous point for Bahamian wreckers in its early days, it offered protection from the Atlantic gales. In the late 19th century, Tavernier was more of a farming community until Flagler’s railroad connected Key West to the mainland, transforming the city into a railroad town and fishing village. Today, Tavernier is a popular vacation destination where sun seekers, boaters and fishing enthusiasts come to enjoy its many natural attractions.

Protecting Your Tavernier Business with Secure Shredding and Destruction

All Points Mobile Shredding provides full-service shredding and destruction to business and residential customers in Tavernier. We are committed to protecting you and your business from the risks associated with loss and theft of personal and confidential information. Data breaches, improper disposal and accidental recycling of documents with sensitive information expose your ID theft.

All Points Mobile Shredding provides full-service solutions including:

We Shred The Following Items

In addition to providing shredding and destruction of documents and files, we also destroy the following:

We are a family owned and operated company founded in 1994 and located in Stuart, Florida.
We provide shredding and destruction of documents, files, and outdated devices on-site at your office or home. Our state-of-the-art shredding trucks come directly to you and perform the shred on-site so you can witness the entire process. We also provide a certificate of destruction with every shred, offering you additional peace of mind that your confidential information is no longer at risk of loss or theft.

We can provide security solutions to protect your business and will work with you to create a shredding schedule to fit your needs. To learn more, give us a call today or fill out the form on this page.

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All Points serves Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

All Points Mobile Shredding is NAID AAA Certified.