Employee Compliance Training

For employees, knowledge of their organization’s data security policies is vital. However, employees are often trained on these procedures when hired but then never given subsequent training. Another issue is when employees are hired mid-way through the year and are never trained.

An Information Security Tracker study showed that:

Semi-Annual Staff Training

Only 27% of large businesses and 10% of small businesses train their staff twice a year

Large Business27%
Small Business10%

Annual Staff Training

Only 41% of large businesses and 13% of small businesses train on an annual basis

Large Business41%
Small Business13%

As-Needed Staff Training

22% of large businesses and 42% of small businesses opt to only train on an as-needed basis

Large Business22%
Small Business42%

One-Time Staff Training

8% of both large and small businesses provide training only once during the average staff member’s employment

Large Business8%
Small Business8%

One step that can help an organization ensure that these policies are communicated to staff is to appoint an employee to be directly responsible for managing data security issues. 96 percent of large businesses appoint a Data Security Manager, while just over half of small businesses, 54 percent, have designated an employee to fill this position.

At All Points Mobile Shredding and All Points Medical Waste, we offer online compliance training. Whether your company is big or small, compliance training is still the law. We provide you with online training courses in an easy to use and manage training center. Training sessions can be conducted individually or as a group. The office manager or security officer can assigning training, view all employees training status and issue certificates of completion, send reminders and much, more more – all on-line in a an easy to use program!

Why Train?

  • According to regulators and NAID, organizations that properly train employees handling sensitive document how to properly protect sensitive data and will not be held fully responsible under HIPAA if an employee acts counter to that training.
  • Training makes it far less likely that your business, clients, or employees will be put at risk.
  • There is a record of compliance, making your organization better protected from unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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