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Security Risks of Hybrid Workers

How to Keep Your Company Data Safe In the last few years more and more companies have adopted a hybrid model for their workforce. Allowing employees to work off site has become popular and although this model has many benefits for both workers and their companies, there are certain security risks that must be addressed…
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Proper Disposal of Medical and Legal Records

Top Reasons For Secure Disposal Whether you’re an attorney or a physician, or work in either industry in any capacity, any records you maintain for your clients/patients must be managed, stored and disposed of properly. Although most who work in these fields understand the importance of privacy and the mandates behind Personally Identifiable Information (PII)…
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Legal Documents Your Law Firm Should Be Shredding

Which Documents Should Be Shredded? As a professional in the legal field, you know the importance of following mandates and guidelines for protecting the rights of your clients and your firm. The Social Security Act, which prohibits companies from revealing confidential information and FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act), which protects the clients’ right…
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3 Office Items That Store Information

Non-Paper Media Items That Sometimes Go Unnoticed While most of us know the risks of paper like insurance bills, credit card and bank statements and other similar documents when it comes to the breach of confidential information– there are other, non-paper items that contain and store information that must be considered in your organization’s security…
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Key Considerations Before Purging Company Documents

3 Steps to Take Before Purging Once you’ve made the decision to purge your company’s documents, it’s important to ensure that you’ve not only partnered with a reputable shredding and destruction partner, but also that you take some important steps beforehand. Take a look: 1. Ensure You’re Compliant with Retention Laws While it varies by…
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Identity Theft While Traveling

How to Protect Yourself Summer’s here and with it comes the one thing many of us look forward to all year–vacation. And while it’s a time to have wonderful adventures and create lasting memories, it’s also a time to be wary of the dangers of ID theft. Thieves can often spot tourists, know that you…
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Spring Cleaning Your Home or Office?

How Shredding Can Help It’s that time of year, spring is in the air and summer’s just around the corner. For many of us, that means spring cleaning our offices and our homes. Decluttering and throwing out unwanted items allows you to free up space and get things more organized. An important part of spring…
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HIPAA Compliance: Shredding & Destruction of Medical Records

A Guide for Your Healthcare Facility Healthcare facilities of all sizes and types are familiar with the 1996 HIPAA law and understand the importance of safeguarding protected health information (PHI). Following the mandates of HIPAA is crucial to protect patients from breaches that could compromise their identity and put them at risk for breaches. But…
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Is Your Cell Phone Putting You At Risk?

The Answer May Surprise You People do more with their cell phones than they ever did before—including banking, shopping, and paying bills. So your cell phone holds a plethora of personal information and is a gateway to all your confidential data, including your bank and credit card accounts, insurance information, email and more. And while…
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Secure Mobile Shredding:
5 Interesting Facts

Fascinating & Important Things You May Not Know As a business owner, you have many documents and records that contain confidential information–what you may not realize is just how important it is to safeguard all company paperwork to protect yourself and your business from fraud and corporate ID theft. Shredding should be a key factor…
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